Themes like love, abolition of class distinction, fight against Aids/Aids, adultery, craze for wealth, power, fame, rituals, witchcraft manipulation, engagement in nefarious activities, greed, corruption, domestic physical violence, abuse of ladies and children’s legal rights, thirst for political energy, poverty, barrenness, and many others dominate Nollywood films. At the advent of the home video revolution, stakeholders accepted the concept of having the ability to tell our own stories to the viewing audience (Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike).

However, the common denominator of Izutech Nolly TV, parodies, water shed plots, awkward spoken blunder, choppy modifying, higher predictability price, abysmal soundtracks, bland, prosaic, boring, technically deficient, formulaic films have added to the declining rate in which Home videos are viewed. We have seen a clamour for movie makers to introduce new measurements and other good sides that reflect our society’s norms and values into our tales, and not the advertising of any deluge of negative stories becoming portrayed about Nigerians to the Worldwide communities. In my opinion however, the what are known as unfavorable tales becoming predicted within our movies, (when we should be honest to yourself), signifies holistically what obtains in our culture.

Hollywood itself has produced movies coping with unfavorable issues in America such as lust for power, greed, corruption (among political office owners, top control over Blue Chip companies, filthy cops), serial killings as well as other forms of murder, assassinations, rape, usage of narcotics and its addiction, hacking into computer systems of federal government and low-federal government facilities, robbing of banks, homes, shops, attack and battery packs, prostitution, strip grooving, pole dancing, betrayal, nudity, adultery, illegal sex by youths, one evening remain exercise, vehicle jacking, domestic violence, divorce, splitting up, and other connected vices. Bollywood likewise is not really a saint in telling its tales as well, inspite of the usual love and dancing strategies synonymous with their movies.

I’m not implying that sticking with the making of vice associated films is nice, but we have to also note that Hollywood via some well thought out composed scripts, depends on its thespians to show United states virtues including the revealing of powerful, deep bond of affection for that Nation, family, friends and fellow citizens, which when needed, means sacrificing one’s lifestyle in order to save the day, promoting and revealing the American fantasy, demonstrating acts of heroism, as extremely powers always beating its opponents, embarking on wilderness adventures, and discovering something totally new where others have been unsuccessful. Hollywood films stem largely from its wide range of genre available, made possible by state from the artwork technology inside their reach.

Nigerians with certitude have good virtues and then there are individuals who have great stories on the market to discuss but unfortunately aren’t provided the opportunity for doing such in an overtly aggressive tribalized industry, where individuals neglect to view the vibrant suggestions others can develop. You’ve got to put your cash in which your mouth is if you need a great movie free from the messy work disorder. In the end, my people have a proclaiming that “soups way sweet, na cash destroy am” It really is nevertheless essential for our stories to get a “cross appeal” feel, that individuals using their company nations can easily associate with.

The Re-marketing and branding of Nigeria clarion call regularly propagated by the Minister of knowledge, Prof Dora Akunyili, to change the negative mindset/perception the International neighborhoods have concerning the Nation along with its citizens, has additionally clamoured for the production of great films as a veritable device in the Re-marketing and branding procedure. The slogan “Nigeria, Great people, Great Country” is tailored at marketing the nation along with its Residents image inside a new light, and scriptwriters with excellent creativity are recommended to generate novel tales that would do just that. Now you ask “where are the ones with great stories that can accomplish this purpose? are they jvvhmo in Nigeria or are situated in other nations?

Do they really strongly discuss the re-marketing and branding enthusiasm or do they really feel it’s just another political trick inside the government’s book to draw attention to itself? Has got the federal government set up a “practical, impartial, individual financing plan”, in which money could be provided to suppliers to make this kind of movies being canvassed for? What can be performed to induce the interest of untapped highly talented minds, operating with wilderness imaginations in the future forward with great tales, bearing in mind the deceptive webs that they could be caught in, spun by unprincipled, uneven, deceitful professionals in the business? If the appropriate machineries have already been set up, there will be an stability recorded inside the tales informed, unlike the present weighty lean towards the projection of unfavorable issues dominating our screens.

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