One of the very vital elements of your kegerator distribute system is CO2, carbon dioxide. To make sure a perfect pour each and every time, your CO2 tank must be regulated, optimized, and effectively set up. Whether it’s the initial kegerator or you should make changes in your present kegerator setup, we now have you covered with what you should know to obtain the ideal put.

Co2 Tank Parts

Carbon dioxide can be hazardous! Make sure you exercise caution and constantly adopt these measures:

* Always link the Carbon dioxide gasoline tube towards the reducing valve or regulator. Failure to accomplish this could cause an blast with possible death or injuries if the cylinder valve is opened.

* Never connect the gas tube right to the keg.

* Always safe the gasoline tube inside the “upright” position.

* Always keep gas cylinders far from warmth.

* Never ever decrease or toss a Carbon dioxide gas tube.

* Always ventilate after Carbon dioxide seepage.

* Make sure the D.O.T. (Division of Transport) test date located on the neck in the cylinder before installation. If over five (5) many years, tend not to use and return the gas cylinder to the gas provider.

* Never ever link a product box unless of course there are 2 (2) security systems in the pressure system.

* One at or in the Carbon dioxide regulator (the regulator supplied needs to be comprehensive of such a security mechanism).

* One at or around the product container coupler or perhaps in the pressure gas line (the keg coupler ought to be comprehensive of such a security system).

* If it will become challenging to breathe and your brain starts to pain, abnormal levels of co2 could be present in the area. Near the primary device in the CO2 tube leaving the room immediately.

* Gasoline cylinders ought to be stored in the coolest part of the establishment, preferably at 70 levels, and securely fastened inside the vertical place ahead of the main regulator is linked to the tube.

How Do You Understand What PRESSURE MY CO2 Is Defined TO?

A regulator is an essential a part of a kegerator distribute system, assisting monitor your Carbon dioxide pressure. You will find solitary gauge regulators or double measure regulators, which connect with the air line and study the pressure of your own tank.

Having a single measure regulator, the show displays only your Carbon dioxide pressure. With a dual measure regulator, you need to consider the measure that demonstrates a range of -60 PSI (pounds per square in .). To read your oeztin around the regulator, you will notice an arrow point out your existing CO2 pressure in PSI.


Dependant upon the beer you are serving your CO2 tank pressure will be different. Most American breweries suggest a pressure between 10-14 PSI. Should you aren’t advised on the pressure by the dark beer producer or maybe it’s your personal homebrew, it is advisable to begin dispensing at 10 PSI and adjust accordingly up until you achieve the ideal put.

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