Using makeup when you have oily skin can be troubling occasionally. I know because I have highly oily skin myself, so I’m continually looking within the mirror every couple of hours to determine if my nose is glaring. I’ve asked my dermatologist if there is anything he could prescribe to suppress the creation of oil, and unfortunately his response was “no”. He did point out that I will still look good at 50 years old, which does help the situation.

Through the years I’ve learned how to deal with some very useful products and tips that I’m sure will manage to benefit you as well:

1. Blot powder – This is a wonderful product that I carry around with me everyday in my purse. It appears in a compact with a powder puff, much like sheer powder. Rather than touching up with กระดาษซับหน้ามัน alko or sheer powder, I personally use blot powder. It’s translucent, so I can get rid of the oiliness without caking more makeup onto my face. An additional advantage is the fact that my makeup lasts longer because I’m not reapplying it through the entire day.

2. Blotting papers – These can be found anywhere – from beauty supply stores to cosmetic counters. These are small oil-absorbing sheets of paper that come in a small package which you can easily carry around with you throughout the day. All you want do is dab the oily areas of the face – often the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. The papers will absorb the oil without leaving a powdery substance on your own face or removing your makeup.

3. Oil-control lotion – You can purchase this at almost any cosmetic counter. It’s super easy to utilize and you also can put it on under กระดาษซับหน้ามัน alice. Just dab just a little on the oily regions of the face and blend outward. It controls shine and provides a matte finish. Most oil-control lotions work really well, however, you may must reduce the use if you find that your skin gets dry and starts flaking.

4. Facial Tissue – When all else fails, grab a sheet of tissue paper! Besides utilizing a blot powder, facial tissue is yet another item that I use throughout the day as well. Most are 2-ply, however it works better if you separate them and utilize 1-ply. They’re nearly as useful because the blotting papers, as well as a lot cheaper too! Avoid buying ones who have fragrance or กระดาษซับหน้ามัน alice since it may irritate the skin and cause breakouts.

5. Cleanser/Moisturizer – Neither of these will absorb oil or block out the production, but they must be element of your everyday skincare routine. Always opt for a cleanser that is oil-free, and there are several great ones which are specifically made for oily skin. Your moisturizer needs to be water based with SPF15 or greater and stay defined as “noncomedogenic”. Your cleansing and moisturizing routine jdqypf be implemented morning and night to avoid clogging pores.

6. Foundation makeup – Should be labeled “oil free” to prevent adding unnecessary oil in your face. Because I really like a matte look, my everyday foundation contains powder, and comes in a powder compact. Foundation that is water-based or oil free come in various shades for many cosmetics lines, so you should not have difficulties finding the one that is right to suit your needs.

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